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    Located in the heart of Jakarta's Central Business District, World Trade Centre (WTC) comprises five Grade A commercial office buildings; WTC 1, WTC 2, WTC 5, WTC 6 and WTC 3, a 73,000 square metre state-of-the-art office tower which opened in mid-2018.

    WTC is developed and managed by PT Jakarta Land, renowned for its absolute focus on maintaining the highest standards of service and quality. Founded in 1973, Jakarta Land is jointly owned by CCM and Hongkong Land, benefitting from CCM's local insight and Hongkong Land's 130 years of experience in key cities across Asia.
  • WTC 1

    One of Jakarta’s iconic commercial office buildings, WTC 1 reflects Bauhaus principles with its highly functional and efficient design

  • WTC 2

    Completed in 2012, WTC 2 represents Jakarta’s leading benchmark for world-class, high-tech, sustainable commercial office buildings.

  • WTC 3

    Completed in 2018, WTC 3 offers the latest in technology, facilities and retail options to exceed the demands of its tenants.

  • WTC 5

    Formerly known as Metropolitan I, WTC 5 is a landmark on Jalan Sudirman.

  • WTC 6

    Formerly known as Metropolitan II, WTC 6 is based on the same principles as WTC 5 and was also designed by Palmer & Turner.

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Embassy of Ecuador

WTC 3 Lobby, 20 June 2022 – 15 July 2022


Ecuador is a multidiverse country. Four natural regions weave its biological wealth: the Pacific Coast, with its abundance of seafood, welcoming sandy beaches and equatorial sun;

The Sierra, with snow-capped peaks and mountains, lakes and picturesque towns where it seems that time has stopped, churches that have witnessed proclamations of Freedom and the devout prayers of their parishioners in the cold early mornings;

The Amazon, with the exuberance of its jungle, the mystery of the animals that inhabit it and the strength of its rivers of great flow as guardians of the original cultures that are nourished by it; and,

The Galápagos Islands or insular region, known around the world for the beauty of its unique fauna and flora, an archipelago witness to stories of survival, buccaneers and great historical and scientific significance, such as that of the visit of the Beagle, which allowed Charles Darwin to formulate his theory on the evolution of species in the year 1835;

Ecuador has been committed for a long time to preserve intact the wonders of its nature and also its historical legacy; This effort has been rewarded with two declarations, such as Natural Heritage for the Galapagos Islands in 1979 and World Heritage in 1978 for the city of Quito, by the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture. -UNESCO.

This photographic exhibition seeks to bring the public closer to that multidiverse Ecuador that vibrates in every flash of sun, in the crash of the waves, in the majesty of its volcanoes, in the architecture of its colonial legacy and in the incomparable grandeur of its flora and its fauna. This is Ecuador, closer to the world.

20th of June, 2022

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