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    Located in the heart of Jakarta's Central Business District, World Trade Centre (WTC) comprises five Grade A commercial office buildings; WTC 1, WTC 2, WTC 5, WTC 6 and WTC 3, a 73,000 square metre state-of-the-art office tower which opened in mid-2018.

    WTC is developed and managed by PT Jakarta Land, renowned for its absolute focus on maintaining the highest standards of service and quality. Founded in 1973, Jakarta Land is jointly owned by CCM and Hongkong Land, benefitting from CCM's local insight and Hongkong Land's 130 years of experience in key cities across Asia.
  • WTC 1

    One of Jakarta’s iconic commercial office buildings, WTC 1 reflects Bauhaus principles with its highly functional and efficient design

  • WTC 2

    Completed in 2012, WTC 2 represents Jakarta’s leading benchmark for world-class, high-tech, sustainable commercial office buildings.

  • WTC 3

    Completed in 2018, WTC 3 offers the latest in technology, facilities and retail options to exceed the demands of its tenants.

  • WTC 5

    Formerly known as Metropolitan I, WTC 5 is a landmark on Jalan Sudirman.

  • WTC 6

    Formerly known as Metropolitan II, WTC 6 is based on the same principles as WTC 5 and was also designed by Palmer & Turner.

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Sculpture Garden

Pohon Kahyangan or “Tree of Heaven” is Yani Mariani’s incarnation of her childhood memories and her love of nature. The artist spent her childhood in the interior of Sumatra, near the palm oil plantations. For the inhabitants, they believe these trees hold a figure of a mythical mother that takes care of local humans so they can live in prosperity. The trees also hold the mystical tales of its dwellers, which are passed down through generations, from the mother to child. Pohon Kahyangan is the artist’s attempt to continue passing these “tales” to the viewer.

The female figure leaning against the tree trunk represents Mother Nature, and the dragon image on the figure’s forehead represents the fairy tale elements. As they get older, the children will continue to tell the myths to their own offspring. This representation of continuity can be regarded as a hope for growth and reproduction in the future, a symbol of prosperity, and also a reminder for us to live in harmony with nature.

Mekar Cahaya di Hampar Pertiwi by Yani M. Sastranegara again shows the artist’s bond with nature. The sculpture consists of three similar components representing the head of a dandelion flower. This herbaceous and perennial flower is the starting point of this work’s concept. It symbolizes the impression of motion, light, and continuity of life - like the dandelion’s seeds, blowing in the wind and eventually finding a new home to continue their life cycle. The burst of lights that glow through its holes represents the beautiful spirit of life.

The installation of this sculpture is made possible thanks to the partnership between PT Jakarta Land and The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia.

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